Beunio is the last Southern Loire rhinoceros: a species that developed during the 2200s.  

At this period, the consumer society was in full swing, as the over-exploitation of natural resources had polluted the environment. The air was thick with exhaust fumes, water looked like diesel oil and vegetation, animals' main source of food, had disappeared, giving way to waste of every description, chiefly scrap cars. 

In order to survive, animals had to adapt to the new context. They began feeding on Generative Motorised Organs (GMOs) and their physical form gradually changed. They became half-animals, half-machines – in a word, mutants. 

A recent technical inspection pinpointed a case of iron deficiency in this animal, so be warned: don't bring your car too close, as BEUNIO likes nothing better than a tasty spare part… 

Welcome to a rapidly-mutating world... 

The story of Hassan began several years ago, when a Middle Eastern country ravaged by war was tackling reconstruction.  
Given the fact that humped quadrupeds were useless, it became clear that the species had to mutate. 

This task was entrusted to science. 
Physical mutation was achieved through an exclusive diet of Brazilian GMO soya. 
Intellectual development and open-mindedness were taken in hand by the TV channel TF1. 

The results were edifying, and mutation was rapid. Hassan is a descendant of the main camel families that were now half-cement mixer, half-dromedary – a kind of dromado-cement mixer: a weapon of massive reconstruction. 
However, the Brazilian soya had certain side effects. Hassan became more feminine, soon turning into a half-billy, half-nanny goat. Worse still, its addiction to samba earned it various nicknames like "Sassan, 'drag' force of the building trade", and "Go-hump, the faggot of Kabul". 

Its behaviour exasperated shareholders and made science a laughing stock.The project was abandoned, and Hassan was reduced to turning out 200 million metric tons of concrete.  
In a response to current happenings, it was involved in a secret operation called "Concrete for the Japanese sarcophagus". 

Welcome to a post-tsunami world… 

Takacleaner is a Japanese warrior with a drug problem; a kind of coke-addict Samurai converted into a radioactive waste road sweeping machine. 

Yes: this chap is hooked on enriched uranium dust, and that's excellent news, as he's the nuclear disaster specialist. He'll be essential in the great clean-up phase. 

This is because his powerful breathing apparatus filters the toxic cloud thrown up by sweeping and discharges clean, uncontaminated air.  

This process has been known for a long time and is also called "TAKAMAKESUSTHINKEVERYTHINGSROSY".  

Welcome to a discombobulated world… 

Not so very long ago, these wild, independent animals lived a happy, simple existence with no worries. 

How pleasant their life was before industry and growth turned the spotlight on them. 
Because creating need means conquering new markets and manufacturing consumers. It means distributing consumables and fuel.  

And that's how the idea came about: to make animals dependent by modifying their make-up. 
These half-animals, half-machines are called energivores. They are hybrids – and above all consumers.  

The experiment was first carried out on Beunio the rhino, with a twin turbo V8 engine, 450 hp, range of 1,000 km, thermodynamic transmission with atmospheric coefficient, photovoltaic assistance and electronic stability based on equatorial laterite. The results were instructive: the animal's performance stayed the same, but the beast was now dependent. Dependent on fuel; dependent on spare parts, breakdown assistance, warranty extensions, satellite fees, access codes to itinerary satellite dishes, and so on. After this came Hassan, the seismo-nuclear powered cement-mixer camel, with integrated cereal mill and perspi-evaporation recovery; Rillette, the reproductive sow with silicone breast/belly and air-conditioned vagina; the catalytic crab; the vertical-take-off frog; the gardening turbot; the motorised cultivator ant, and more. Obviously the experiment went no further than animals, and there is absolutely no question of applying this metamorphosis to humans. 

Welcome to a trading world… 

Here, at least, we have one species that isn't threatened…  
They have no documents, no explanations, no voice, no pretentions – but they are not without a story.  

They each carry their own story on their backs.  
They bring stories, but above all, they are bringers of hope, and this is precisely what unites them. 
They have decided that despite their differences and contradictions, they will walk in the same direction, forget what divides them and cultivate what brings them together. 

You can recognise: 
DJOUBA: Carrying his tools on his back, the inequality-widener with no scruples… 
TOUKO: Equipped with extinguishers, a pyromaniac fireman with no explanations… 
ECOLODJOO: An energy panel and balance distributor with no formatting… 
DIOUFA: An energivore, carbon tax generator, polluter and payer with no hang-ups… 
TIMBOO: A luggage carrier and influence trafficker with no plans…  

Welcome to a world of booming reconstruction… 

As global warming melts the polar ice, this shoal of penguins is migrating to a better world. 

Asylum seekers have joined the climate refugee movement: you can see Hassan the Afghan refugee, and Tzing the refugee from Beijing. 

Recognisable from the wind turbines on their heads, ecological refugees are also part of the proceedings.  
Then come those taking refuge in cosmetics or the bottle… 

We are all refugees from somewhere; we all take refuge in something. This forms our identity and gives rich meaning to our origins and differences. 

Welcome to a world of diversity… 

The Earth-turners come from the family of winged motorised cultivators, identifiable through bodies full of history and above all their heads, in the form of harrows. The harrow is a cutter, an excavation utensil, a powerful tool that splits and knead the earth's crust once it starts turning. 

Wherever we have trampled, buried or hidden ideas, waste or dossiers, the Earth-turners will be there to give the Earth a voice and bring the truth to light. 
They will combat pressure from lobbies; they will say no to cow factory farms; no to tax-havencash; no to dams.  

They will claim rights to the Earth, culture and sharing. 
Convinced that another world is possible, the Earth-turners fight for a just cause… 
Sometimes they die in the attempt. 
These works are dedicated to them. It's my way of supporting them and paying them tribute. 

Welcome to a world of resistance…  

Rillette is an experimental pig developed by Monsanto. This food-processing manufacturer, well-known for its deep concern for environmental protection, has devised a revolutionary, 100% natural food: WFTW (We Fuck The World) – a skilful mix of MON 810 GM maize and Roundup. 

The results are astounding: a genetically modified pig that generates two-figure growth. A genuine powerhouse, this fast and mighty racing monster is equipped with disk brakes and standard ABS, ensuring perfect stability on greasy terrain. The snout has been replaced with a carburettor. A real fuel pump, Rillette is extremely useful in the event of an oil spill.  

Not to mention the enormous breeding potential of this female: twelve litters of 28 piglets a year make her an unrivalled weapon of mass reproduction. 

Welcome to a rapidly-mutating world... 

Subko was once an ordinary American ant living in Lance Armstrong's property. Unfortunately, it fed on the same ingredients as the champion.

Its behaviour soon changed, it grew to an enormous size and its body became mechanised… A real speed demon. Idolising its master, the insect yearned to be a professional cyclist, but the complications involved in synchronising its legs forced it to give up competitions, and it began to work in large-scale clearing.

Palm oil producers instantly saw the advantages of a machine equipped with a chain-saw head, a cultivator body and a cement-mixer abdomen.  

Subko is the ideal deforestation tool.  
Never ill, never taking a day off, never on strike, this ant is a right little globalisation soldier.

Welcome to the world of Nutella doping... 

Ginette is a large genetically-modified cow. The beast is the successful outcome of a revolutionary agriculture development programme dreamed up by a multinational: an agri-food giant that feeds the world, makes people dependent, makes them ill, then sells them medicines to treat the disease.  

This hybrid ruminant is dependent on GM maize; in fact, this retro-viral carcinogenic glyphosate cocktail gives it a delightful taste of fresh grass. 

Its integrated silage harvester enables it to swallow entire uncut maize plants; it produces milk instantaneously, and this is immediately stored in churns for home delivery. 
This cow of the future is versatile and highly efficient, but its generous form and heavy udders arouse greed in breeders and give all the bulls in the meadow a hard-on.  

Too much sexual activity and lost profits have led shareholders to cry scandal and demand a grid to be placed on the orifice of this vice incarnate. 

Welcome to a genetically modified world…