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Beunio is the last Southern Loire rhinoceros: a species that developed during the 2200s.  
At this period, the consumer society...
Not so very long ago, these wild, independent animals lived a happy, simple existence with no worries. 
How pleasant their life was before... 
Ginette is a large genetically-modified cow. The beast is the successful outcome of a revolutionary agriculture development programme...
In an era dominated by surplus production and a consumer culture, the modern world generates endless waste. The trend is for recycling, and my expression is given shape through scrap metal. 
Broken, rusty, twisted, worn-out debris comes from the worlds of agriculture, the automobile and industry. When taken out of context, welded into assemblies and diverted from its expressionless functionality, scrap becomes something useless but beautiful.  
My work is oriented towards movement, harmonious forms and a series of curves. With a figurative style and widely differing sizes and subjects, each piece is highly original and one-of-a-kind. 

For the Champin family, metal transformation is decidedly in the blood. With a wheelwright grandfather, and a coachbuilder father, Christian grew up in a world of scrap metal, where welding and assembling were basic skills that came to him naturally. His first compositions date from this time. After higher studies in mechanics, he was longing to explore further afield, so left his native Normandy and headed for various developing countries. Ten years of encounters and observations while working for NGOs, drilling for oil and setting up production plants brought him face to face with the reality of globalisation and its destructiveness for people and the environment. He became far more critical of how the world worked.  
A period in the machine room of the Nantes street theatre company Royal de Luxe led to a change of direction, and triggered his artistic potential.  
In the early 2000s, the artist began to carve himself a niche in the contemporary art scene. He sees himself as an unformatted alchemist and as cultivating the subversion of objects unpretentiously, without any hang-ups. Every sculpture becomes the positive reincarnation of negative scrap generated by a hyper-consumer society.  

Art exhibition - Auberge la Fontaine aux Bretons - Pornic - 44 
Beginning of october 2018 – End date not determined 
Monumental sculptures in the main alley
Medium sized sculptures in the garden
Small sculptures in the garden, under shelter

Art exhibition - jardin des arts - Chateaubourg - Ille et Vilaine - 35
Monumental sculptures  in Ar Millin park ans in the city
Beginning of May to October 2018

Permanent exhibition - Bassin d'Arcachon - Gironde - 33
SV galerie "Art et Passion Mécanique" - Serge Vidal
43b route de Bordeaux - 33950 Petit Piquey
Phone : 06 13 22 71 48

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